Little Dolly is the mirror of kids’ imagination and dreams, where every style of dressing is possible.

About Us

Bothra Creation, was founded in the year 1996, by Mr. Nitin Bothra, Founder and Managing Director. With a modest beginning, the company embarked on a journey to offer latest fashionable dresses designed for girls aged between 1 and 5 years under the brand name "Little Dolly". Over the years, Little Dolly has built an enduring brand image in the girls' readymade garments.

We are constantly expanding and innovating our products and production techniques while maintaining an uncompromising stance on comfort. Innovation, excellence and honesty are the cornerstones of the company. Our endeavors have helped establish a strong reputation for our brand.

Creating customer delight is at the heart of every initiative we undertake. With a philosophy of 'One team one family', we have successfully created a happy and satisfied customer base of customers who are a live testimony to our exceptional apparel design. Going forward, we are confident of realizing our collective dream of becoming on of the leading global kids' apparel manufacturing companies.

Bothra Creations' future looks promising as it is gathering the stream.

Come, be a part of its glorious journey.

For our clients : We provide innovative, Superiorvalue and best quality products. We will help our clients to achieve the business results they seek.

For us : To become a world class kids' apparel manufacturing firm. By leading the industry in thought and innovation, we will create value for our clients and exciting growth opportunities for our people and company.

Our motto lies in the belief of crating something which is best fashionable and affordable. We aim to become a global brand, manufacturing kids' apparel through constant innovation and excellence.

Responsibility : Provide fashionable and quality product with the best services to our customers and stakeholders.

Honesty : Open communication and dealing with our employees and customers.

Respect : Honor for policy, compliance, environment and citizens.

Fairness & Loyalty : We aim at promoting fair & healthy work environment and building a loyal relationship with customers and stakeholders.

We strive to and have consistently exceeded customer expectations on all fronts – Product Development, Design Innovation & Quality Assurance. “Best” is not our benchmark, instead of to do “Better than Best” is our goal, and to provide “The Best of The Best” is our promise to our customers.

Mr. Nitin Bothra

Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Nitin Bothra is the Founder and Managing Director of Bothra Creation. He epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit of a hands-on leadership style. It is said that a journey to greatness begins with a small, significant step. Mr. Nitin Bothra took his first important step in year 1996 with the inception of Bothra Creation.

But the journey that he embarked on was not easy. He faced many challenges along the way. His biggest challenge was to shift his focus traditional market to the industrial market. Fueled by his entrepreneurial zest and creative acumen, Bothra Creation went international with his brand, Little Dolly. It is in line with his vision to become a global leader in kids' apparel manufacturing industry.

Mr. Nitin Bothra is a dynamic and intuitive entrepreneur committed to take his dream venture to the next level. His family has been instrumental in his rise as a new-age creative entrepreneur. He looks up to his father and uncles as role models in business.

Mr. Yash Bothra is the Director of Operations at Bothra Creation. He is the son of Mr. Nitin Bothra and is a young second generation businessman who has recently joined the business. With his new way of working he is ensuring that there is no stone left unturned to make Little Dolly a global brand. He has introduced new designing and manufacturing technologies into the business which has increased the scale of production output with minimal wastage.

Future Focus of Bothra Creation by 2024

  • Increase in Production Space & Production Capacity
  • Advancement in Manufacturing Technologies & Automation.
  • Introduction of New Products Segments
  • Introduction of Client Loyalty Program (CLP)
  • Increase in National & International Geographical Presence
  • More Focus on Branding and Marketing
  • Better Future, Culture and Engagement for our dedicated little dolly team
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