Kids wear Manufacturer in India

Kidswear Manufacturer in India

India's Kidswear market with a growth rate of 11%, reaches the value of 85 billion US dollars and by the end of 2028, it is expected to be 1.7 trillion rupees. The apparel market has taken growth now. As to dominate the kidswear manufacturing market in India Little Dolly has emerged as a leading brand. Little Dolly is a Top kidswear manufacturer in India that has Outstanding categories for baby girl dress. The brand first analyzes the trend and fashion for little girls. then manufacture a unique range of kid's clothing from 0 to 5 years of age. We provide our customers with exclusive offers in particular with respect to beautiful designs and styles.

Why Little Dolly

Little dolly is a top leading manufacturing brand in the segment of kids' wear. As it was first founded by Mr Nithin Bothra in the year 1996. His vision was to make Little dolly a global leader in kid's apparel manufacturing. And to provide the best quality and aesthetic clothes for their kid. Take a look at our latest fashion trends and styles that our customers adore, you can look at the best Luxury kidswear brand in India. Little Dolly, an Indian kidswear brand, has selected the best pieces for you, Little Dolly has the most elegant pieces for the little girls at the best prices.

Best Kids wear manufacturer in India

(Best Kids wear manufacturer in India)

Being the best Kidswear manufacturer in India The little dolly has included Frock as a new category. Compared to the old garish bright design, and the pattern now Little dolly has landed on market with some unique design patterns and colour combinations that make Little dolly the best kidswear manufacturer in India.

(Kidswear manufacturer in India)

Jumpsuits are multipurpose garments as they are as fashionable while simultaneously comfortable too. while keeping in mind for kids, little dolly manufacture jumpsuits that are more comfortable and protective. by taking care of price material quality, and design. Little dolly manufacture the best jumpsuits in the kids wear manufacturing industry.

 Kidswear Manufacturer in India
Baby clothing manufacturers in India

(Baby clothing manufacturers in India)

Palazzo pants are designed specifically for the summer seasons because they are loose and flatter in light. Little Dolly uses natural fabrics and a design that is comfortable to wear during the summer season, all while thinking about the weather in India. The fabric should be natural, sleek, breathable to wear, and pleasant for the infant, and the design should be trendy.

Skirt Top
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We have designed the skirt and top, keeping in mind the comforts of the kid's dress. As being the best children's manufacturer in India we are more focused to provide comforts for kids. we are using natural fabrics to make it comfortable and stylish.

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Top Kids wear manufacturer in India

Capri Top
(Top Kids wear manufacturer in India)

Capri Top is set to the all-season outfit for kids. These are casual and stylish dress to keep your kid comfortable throughout the day. The set includes a pair of capris and a top. We design with a unique graphic print with appliqué, beads, and stones, and the sleeves are full of frills at the ends. Capris are three-quarter length with frills and flowery appliqué at the ends. and we use materials like a combination of cotten fabric with polyester that gives extra comfort and softness to clothes.

Leggings Top
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The goal of wearing a Leggings top is to give comfort; unlike ordinary apparel, they are breathable. Thick, elasticized cotton and spandex are among the materials we utilise. That makes your top more comfortable, but we also pay attention to the styles, sizes, and price ranges, so it can be worn by anybody. Leggings can be worn with both long and short tops. It is really comfy clothing for both children and adults.

Best Baby clothing manufacturer in India


Q. Dose Little Dolly is an international Kidswear Brand In India?

Yes, Little dolly is a Luxury and International Brand In India. They have become the top kidswear manufacturer as they manufacture for 0 to 5 years of kids apparel like Capri, skirts, jumpsuits, divider tops, leggings etc.

Q. Which type of apparel is Little dolly Manufacture?

In India's leading B2B market place little dolly plays the role of the best manufacturer in India, as they manufacture kids' apparel with a wide range of products including Jump Suit, Divider Top, Leggy frocks, Skirt Top, Plazzo etc

Q. Which brand is best for kidswear in India?

Undoubtedly, Little dolly plays a vital role in the kidswear manufacturing industry in India as they are known as the luxury kidswear brand in India with a wide range of quality products.

Q. Do Little dolly wholesale girls frock in India?

Yes, little dolly is a girl's frock wholesaler in India. In fact, apart from frocks, little dolly wholesale other products also like skirts, top dividers, leggings, Capri, jumpsuits etc.

Q. Can we order kid's dresses online from little dolly?

Yes, little dolly products are available online, you can directly order from their official website littledolly. in, all the products are available there.